Step-By-Step Guide to Mastering Anime Body Drawing


Anime and manga have carved their niche in pop cultural phenomena. As more and more people gravitate towards this intriguing world, learning how to draw anime bodies has become an attractive prospect among enthusiasts. Join us, as we walk you through a step-by-step guide to mastering anime body drawing.

I. Understanding the Anime Art Style

The first step to mastering any art form is understanding the specifics of its style. In anime, proportions, elements, and techniques are distinct. Here are some key takeaways to get you started.

A. Anatomy Proportions in Anime

A typical anime body sketch has exaggerated proportions. Their heads are usually larger compared to their bodies, and their eyes, more expressive. Distinctive attention to characters’ hair, clothing, and other details are also significant.

B. Visual Styles in Anime

Notice the variety of visual styles in anime art. Shōnen (young boy) styles feature rugged lines and stone-faced characters, while shōjo (young girl) styles lean towards delicate lines and vivid emotions. Understand these differences to bring versatility to your canvas.

II. Gathering the Right Tools

Your arsenal is as crucial as your knowledge. Purchase suitable art supplies for drawing anime bodies, such as pencils of differing hardness, erasers, sketchbooks, and drawing software if you prefer digital art.

III. Practicing Anime Body Parts

Quick to the chase, let’s dive deeper into how to draw an anime body. This adventure starts with mastering individual body parts before combining them into a complete character.

A. Drawing Anime Heads

The focal point of every anime character is their head. Begin your sketch by drawing a circle. For the character’s lower face, draw a vertical line down the center of your circle, followed by a horizontal line towards the bottom for the chin.

B. Sketching Anime Eyes

Anime eyes are expressive and dramatic, differing substantially from reality. They can be round, almond-shaped, or even resemble a teardrop. The significance lies in detailing and shading.

C. Anime Body Outline

Sketch a rough outline of the anime body. For male characters, try to draw a firm, rectangular torso. For female characters, draw a figure closer to a slim, inverted triangle.

IV. Drawing Complete Anime Bodies

Now that you’re familiar with individual body parts, it’s time to assemble them.

A. Drawing Anime Poses

Drawing bodies in different poses can be challenging. Use the initial rough sketch as a guide. Start with a simple standing pose before experimenting with different ones. Focus on producing natural looks rather than stiff bodies.

B. Sketching Anime Clothing

Probably the most enjoyable part of drawing an anime body is creating the outfits. From school uniforms to fantasy armor, cosplay culture provides boundless inspiration. Use lines to emphasize folds and shading to show the fabric’s depth.

V. Tips For Improving Your Anime Drawing Skills

Your art improves with practice. Here are some tips any budding anime artist should employ.

A. Draw Regularly

Draw at least a few times a week if not every day. Even if you aren’t working on a detailed sketch, doing a quick doodle helps keep your skills sharp.

B. Learn From Others

Whether it’s through online courses or anime fan clubs, there’s plenty to learn. You can even attend anime conventions to network with fellow enthusiasts and explore different character designs.

C. Experiment With Different Styles

Don’t restrict yourself to a single anime style. By trying out different styles, your anime drawing ability will expand.


Drawing anime bodies might seem daunting initially, but with practice and vigilance, it becomes an easy skill-set to master. This tutorial should elevate your status from an anime enthusiast to an accomplished anime artist.

Keep these points in mind, bring out your sweet stationery, and unleash your inner artist!

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