Mastering the Art: A Comprehensive Guide to Sketchbook Tutorials on iPad


With digital painting becoming widely popular, the use of Sketchbook on iPad has taken the Art World by storm. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll discover step-by-step tutorials for laying the foundation of your creative journey with Sketchbook on iPad.

Opening the Creative Door: Understanding the Basics of Sketchbook on iPad

Navigating through Sketchbook can seem overwhelming due to numerous tools and their possible application. But once you comprehend these tools, there is no limit to your creativity. Let’s take the first step together.

Step 1: Open Sketchbook and tap the + icon to start a New Sketch. A blank canvas welcomes brave strokes and soft hatches.

Step 2: The brush library, located at the bottom of the screen, is your artistic playground.

Step 3: Tap on Color Editor to choose the exact hue, vibrancy, and opacity for your desired sketch.

Step 4: Layers editor helps in building the sketch gradually and modifying the layers without affecting the whole artwork.

Drawing Your First Line: The Use of Brushes

The seeds of a majestic tree are sewn in a single line. Let’s understand how to make that line with your tools in Sketchbook.

Step 1: Choose a brush from the brush library. Adjust the brush size and flow on the left corner.

Step 2: Draw on the canvas. Lines can be thickened by applying more pressure due to the iPad’s pressure sensitivity feature.

Transforming Dots into Dazzle: The Brush Properties in Detail

Let’s further explore the whistles and bells of Brush properties.

Step 1: The double puck, available at the bottom left, offers controls to adjust radius and opacity of the brush.

Step 2: Tap and drag the flow rate puck on the property’s settings to regulate the amount of color flowing from the brush.

Adding life to the canvas: Exploring the Color Editor

Selecting just the right shade can transform flat images into realistic sketches. In Sketchbook, this is made easier with Color Editor.

Step 1: Tap the color puck to open Color Editor.

Step 2: Use the outer disc to select hues and the triangle in the center for intensity and brightness.

The Crucial Combinations: Creating, Using, and Managing Layers

Learning to use layers correctly is essential for creating intricate designs.

Step 1: Tap on the Layers editor to open the Layers panel.

Step 2: Use + button to create a new layer. The highest layer represents the element that’s in the foreground.

Step 3: Each layer can be independently modified using Layers options, with features such as Blending Modes, Layer Visibility, and Alpha Lock.

Transporting Tangible to Digital: Using the Inbuilt Scanner Feature

When you want to digitize, Sketchbook comes equipped with an inbuilt scanner feature.

Step 1: Tap on Import Image and select Take photo or video.

Step 2: Align your original drawing within the frame of the camera, and then tap on Use Photo.

Step 3: Use Symmetry tools to make accurate adjustments.

These steps outline just the surface of how the Sketchbook on iPad works. The more you practice, the more familiar you get with these features. May this guide become your beacon, lighting the path to your creative journey. The only limitation is your imagination, so let it flow on the Sketchbook canvas and create wonders.

Never forget, every artist was first an amateur. This comprehensive guide of Sketchbook tutorials on iPad is your pathway from being an art enthusiast to a digital artist. So, embark on this creative journey today!

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