About Me

It all started with a challenge, one I knew I was bound to fail.

My nephew, who is currently 7 years old, accepted my proposed book challenge. “Whoever reads more books from January 1st, until June 1st will have to take the winner to where ever they want to go.” Of course, I knew it was a nearly impossible competition since his reading list was comprised of books such as The Magic Tree House or The Magic School Bus. But my purpose was merely to make him eager to read. Although I am currently failing the challenge by about 30 some-odd books, I have discovered my overwhelm love for books! #booknerd. I literally spent countless hours watching Youtube videos and reading books about different books. Then My Book Sense emerged.

Expect book reviews, monthly To be Read lists, monthly book wrap ups, and over all anything to do with books!

Let’s dive into some good reads together,