Back after that random hiatus

Hey guys,

I didn’t realize I had the power of disappearance. I lost track of things for a moment there. I could blame my absence on work, a man, or pure laziness, but I don’t think any of those really begin to touch the reasoning.

Everyone goes through slumps, so I feel it’s important to not feel guilty. I think for a moment there I was trying to find meaning in everything that I was doing. (Which isn’t bad, but it’s tiring.) Somethings should just be done for pure enjoyment. I actually haven’t been reading as much, which only added to my “lostness”.

I know a lot of people mock New Years Resolutions, but I believe they’re important. We all have an opportunity to move into a new season of life. We learn from our past, but should let the past stay there. Actually, force the past to stay there. That’s where it belongs. I know it’s much easier said than done – yet I know there’s a way we can strive to achieve this thought process. Instead of dwelling, we try to grow from it. And that’s where change comes in.

I want to put this out there because I need to hear it myself. But only change for yourself. Don’t allow the thoughts of others to dictate how you should be. If you love something about yourself, someone else will love it too. Strive for change in areas you want to improve and grow to be the best version of yourself that you choose to be.

Looking at where I am now, I have so many personal goals I’d like to achieve this year. Scratch that, goals that I WILL achieve this year. It begins with doing something I love… reading. Writing. And taking time to really get in that self-care.

Needless to say, I sincerely apologize for my absence. Let’s just jump back into things as though I never left.

xx Samantha

ps. I missed you all.


2 thoughts on “Back after that random hiatus

  1. blackcatkai says:

    You can’t see it, but I’m clapping for you! A great post & a wonderful message there at the end. It’s always important to do things for yourself & not others. It really makes a difference. Welcome back & good luck on achieving your goals!! I understand the blogging hiatus & struggling to get back into things. I’m having a hard time jumping back in myself. You are not alone!

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