Book Slump: The Chronicles

Hey guys,

So I can across this phrase on Urban Dictionary:

  • a readers worst nightmare.
  • not being able to pick up a book and read because you just can’t, you just can’t read.
person 1: “what’s the matter with you?”
person 1: uhm….. okay.


If I were the ruler of the world, I would declare designated hours strictly dedicated to books and reading every single day. There have been various days where I am just so…. TIRED and busy that I have no time to actually pick up a book. It’s a travesty!! How are we allowing such amenities to happen in our midst?

Seriously, you guys. I can’t be alone here. These past months with working and school have got me pining after my loss of reading time. The worst of it all is when I finally get home and I so badly want to read, but I find myself too tired to actually bring myself to do so.

I thought summer was supposed to entitle a little bit of freedom. SUMMER… why! WHY?! Have you failed me? *dramatic wailing* ;P 

Then I have come to the second portion of this whole debacle: I have to find the perfect book for what little time I do have to spend on reading. I feel like book slumps cause this irrational fear of no book being ever good enough to match what has previously been read. (Like I said, clearly irrational.)

So what do I do?! How do I move forward?! I mean, I guess I could quit my job… but then there wouldn’t be money to feed my book buying addiction.

In these moments, I realize I just need to be inspired again. Of course, I can’t really fix the work and school business, but I could definitely be re-motivated in my free time tiredness.

Here’s some tips that usually help me and I will continue to battle through with them:

  1. Re-organize your bookshelf

I feel like I have a lot of unread books on my bookshelf that I bought and forgot about. Looking through those novels definitely have the potential to spark some reading inspiration.

2.  Read some book reviews!

*cough* READ Book BLOGS *cough*

3. Set the mood

These could include an array of things, depending on how you like to read. Will you read them in bed? Will you read them on your head? Will you read them while you cook? Will you read them on your Nook? Ha! Just take the time to get comfortable. Light a candle, get a box of tissue ready and read on my friend!

Anyways! ….here’s to hope these steps work for both you and me.

Until next time,

Samantha. 🙂
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