April TBR

It’s April and it is snowing here in New England, if only I could say I am surprised. None the less, it is the perfect day for snuggling up in bed with a fantastic read.

My read pile for the month of March was pathetically small. I am fully ashamed, but optimistic about the lovely month of April! April showers bring….the more desire to cancel plans and read. That is how the saying goes, right?

Anyways! …Without further adieu, here’s the list of books I plan to read in the month of April.

missperegrine_334x518  Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

By: Ransom Riggs

I have heard many, many good things about this book. First of all, it’s a book with pictures – need I say more?! I think we all miss the days of enjoying a good read that is accompanied by some pictures. Secondly, I recently saw the trailer for the movie that will premier in November of this year. A Tim Burton Film! It really must be an interesting and peculiar read if Tim Burton himself was captivated by the content. I’m looking forward to diving into this book, hopefully I don’t get too freaked out – the cover is eerie enough.

emerald-green-dressEmerald Green

By: Kerstin Gier

This is the third and final book in The Ruby Red Trilogy. I have been absolutely loving this series! If you haven’t yet picked up Ruby Red, it is a must. Go out and get it now. Order it off Amazon. …I’m serious. This Trilogy was translated from German to English. (Ruby Red was actually turned into a German Movie, which also has been translated to English. The movie is rubbish, I don’t recommend it – but at least you know it’s out there.) Anyways, this is a great time traveling story and I cannot wait to see how the characters develop. Hopefully I’m not disappointed.

9780141340234 Scarlet

By: Marissa Meyer

Oh my gosh, you guys. Have you begun this series yet?! Scarlet is the second book in The Lunar Chronicles. I picked up the first book of the series, Cinder, last month and was completely surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I have never been one for sci-fi, but man oh man, this series had me sold. Each book in the series follows a different fairy tale character. Scarlet is suppose to loosely follow the story of Little Red Riding Hood. I’m eager to see how this old fairy tale is going to play out. Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?


5 thoughts on “April TBR

  1. chelsiebookblogger says:

    I just can’t get into the lunar chronicles. I have tried to read the first book but it doesn’t grab me and I end up picking something else. I am super bummed about it cause I have only heard amazing things!


    • My Book Sense says:

      Trust me, I understand! When I picked up Cinder and started reading, I was far from amused. I’m not one for the whole cyborg thing, but I forced myself to continue and I was really surprised how much I did enjoy it. It is certainly different from anything I have ever read.


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